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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  January 5, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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weekend as well as accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> katie: thank you. a tsunami warning that was issued for parts of southern alaska and pacific coast has been cancelled. a wave generated by an earthquake overnight is not posing a threat. tsunami warnings were triggered when a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit after 1:00 a.m. near craig, alaska. it included coastal areas from alaska to the northern tip of vancouver island. the warning was cancelled around 3:00 this morning. a restaurant in petaluma is moving forward with a fund-raiser for the family of a melissa barnes the missing teenager whose body was found yesterday morning. the money is now earmarked for a bigger cause. what is the new plan? >> reporter: in just about an hour an event will begin at the beyond the glory sports bar and
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grill. the money will go for the national center for missing and exploited chin. they have requested that it go help other families that have to deal with the torment of mitts ago child. if last night's turnout is any indication, there will be a lot of support at this fund-raiser. this is video from when a crowd of hundreds of people gathered to remember the 19-year-old at casa grande high school. they added to the memorial along the fence placing flowers and notes. they gathered to the field. they stood together silently. they cried, they barely said a word for more than an hour. some friends told "abc 7 news" they got tattoos to remember her >> everyone was a turtle to her. >> usually i get flowers on a
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birthday but i never had to do something like this. losing someone is so hard. >> from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of my family's heart i wanted to say thank you. >> that last person you heard speaking was her brother. he sang to everyone last night she was a hostess at cattleman's restaurant. they have her photo and candles set up and the restaurant is planning a donation, as well. over the next few days there will be other fund-raisers at restaurants around petaluma including pongo's kitchen and mi pueblo and also at the request of the family, all the proceeds will go to the polly klaas foundation, and the center for missing and exploited children. the event begins in a little
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less than an hour, about 9:00 a.m. and it goes until 10:00 tonight. >> katie: it appears that she may have taken a wrong turn the night she disappeared. she had left a music festival at lake tahoe college and presumably was headed toward her hotel room. the body was found in the opposite direction. two utility workers found her body along a trail o. investigators say she was fully clothed and no signs of foul play. hundreds of viewers are leaving condolences for her family on her facebook page. you can join that conversation at >> a 13-year-old girl visiting san francisco is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries this morning after she was hit by a car on pine street just west of stockton street last night. san francisco police are
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investigating the collision that involved the driver of a white subaru. the girl was rushed to the hospital. >> all lanes are open in san jose on 880. a crash caused a massive back-up for more than three and a half hours. three northbound lanes were blocked between casdom avenue and stephens creek boulevard. the chp had to issue a special advisory to avoid the area. the lanes were not fully cleared until one-third this morning. officers are trying to determine what caused the crash. part of 101 in san jose was also shut down after a pedestrian was hit and killed on the freeway. it hatched in the northbound lanes just before 7:30 last night and there was no disabled vehicle near where the pedestrian was hit. officers shut down three northbound lanes to investigate causing a back-up in that area. it reopened around 1:00 this morning.
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>> two elderly people have died and dozens more are sick following a severe outbreak of the noro virus in the north bay. it was happened hapg at redwoods retirement community in mill valley. >> these signs warn of a norovirus outbreak here at retirement center in mill valley. >> a lot of company brought family members home so they won't be exposed. >> marin county health officer says of the approximately 1250 residents, 63 have fallen ill. six were hospitalized and two died. he says the deaths will not be attributed to the virus because both patients had serious diseases and neither one is life saving measures in the event after an illness. it's contagious and leads with vomiting and diarrhea. the outbreak begin several days ago and since then they have
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been cleaning constantly to reduce the spread of the virus. >> i think it will be done correctly but overdone. >> every night they are going through and cleaning all the railings. >> big posted signs, there are hand sanitizers and all social engagements are on hold. >> no activities of any kind. we're supposed to stay out of the common areas. >> even the dining room has been taped off. meals are being delivered to residents that don't have kitchens. the center is following plot colonel. the outbreak is decreasing and norovirus is generally seasonal. >> they say it's so common this time of the year they deal with ten to 20 outbreaks during the season. an obscure california law has allowed a convict rapist to go free because the woman he
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attacked was not married. this video shows what happened, when the victim and her boyfriend went home after the party. the boyfriend left after the woman fell asleep. she woke up finding someone having sex with her. his attorneys claim he just be acquitted. >> it requires that person be someone who impersonates her husband. that was not a specific fact of this particular case. >> rape should be a felony. >> they plan to work with lawmakers in sacramento to close the loophole. >> an evacuation order triggered by a gas leak in brentwood has been lifted. they are working to fix a line on st. andrew's line. they responded yesterday afternoon and had to evacuate several nearby homes. ten customers are still without
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gas service. officials expect service to be restored this morning. san pablo police are looking for an at rick woman who has not been seen since november. she was reported missing on christmas day. her family hasn't heard from her in a month. when police checked in on her they only found her dog in her home. they also found her cane and her car in the garage. the family says she suffers from depression. coming up next, i.t. stands for intelligent transportation and means your car can talk to other cars. that is a story is next. plus your tax refund delays. when to expect your check and
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>> katie: welcome back. it is 8:12. you are looking at live doppler 7-hd. in the top far corner you see a little bit of blue-green. rain is making its way to the bay area. get out what you need to do now because it's not going to be dry for long. you can check live doppler 7-hd. track the storm at lance armstrong could come clean about doping. "new york times" reports that he is considering a public admission. he has denied doping for more than a decade. last october his former cycling teammates told investigators armstrong did use drugs and blood transfusions during his career. they stripped him of his seventh
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tour de france title and banned him from competition. >> nancy pelosi is defending a distributed picture of democratic women in congress. the photo was taken on thursday. she wanted all 61 democrats in attendance but four of them were late and photo was taken without them. afterwards, pelosi had someone add the four in. she says it is an historic record hospitalize the democratic women of congress are. you can blame the late fiscal cliff deal if your tax refund is late this year. the irs can't put out tax forms until it knows what the tax policy is and since congress didn't reach a deal until 9 1st, they are trying to re-program its system. this could delay the start of the tax filing season which usually begins in mid-january. intelligent transportation
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is expected to be a major focus of consumer electronics show in las vegas. david louie gives us a preview of what the future holds and what will be unveiled next week. >> reporter: for two and a half years, engineers at cisco in san jose are working on smart connected vehicles. they can talk to each other. the avoid collisions. some of those issues are being addressed by a new breed of self-driving car. google has been testing them. next toyota will unveil theirs. cisco says there is more to be done. >> self-driving cars if it is only a segment of the car, not all cars really doesn't solve the problem but if we enable all cars to be connected and have self-driving mechanisms, the
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sfutd much closer. >> cisco has been collaborating with other agencies. universal standards will need to be developed. they estimate it will cost $6-8 billion to create it. the future of tv will also be in the spotlight. probable magic will be announcing new partnerships that will test interactive advertising. this is video to show how it works. they can identify the video and audio from the commercial and allow pop-ups to get more information. the idea is to capitalize on the viewers' interests instantly. >> they are offering a coupon. let me take advantage of the coupon offer right now. >> reporter: this is a real shift in consumer electronics. integrating night devices we already use in our daily lives.
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>> katie: frances is keeping an eye on the weather. you can tell the storm is brewing. >> we are going to slow you a live shot looking over san francisco with mix of low and mid-level clouds. they are thickening and rain is on its way. when you can expect it and how much. i'll have the accu-weather seven-day forecast as well. >> legacy that will last forever. de lasalle high school stepped
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>> katie: welcome back. 8:19 on saturday morning, you are looking at transamerica pyramid there. under cloudy gray skies. run your errands now and when the rain hits take some pictures for us. if you come across storm damage, something beautiful, send it to us at ureport. we will share it with fellow viewers. frances dinglasan is keeping an eye on the rain. >> we got a few hours. it will hit us around lunchtime but we see the clouds moving in. check out a live shot from mount
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tam under clouds right now, just a light breeze. winds will pick up 10-20 miles an hour. could be locally gusty, as well. live doppler 7-hd showing you the cloud cover. we were picking up light returns possible rainfall way off the coast and that is moving toward us. it will hit parts of the north bay later morning hours. i'll take you to temperatures as well for those planning to head out the door shortly. it's only 40 in san rafael and 31 in fairfield. 34 in santa rosa. some 40s around the bay, but compared to yesterday at this time, we're quite a bit warmer. so that cold snap seems to be over. we have the extra cloud cover acting as insulation. that is why we're seeing slightly warmer temperatures now. today you can expect the rain to move in and then it will turn into showers overnight tonight
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into tomorrow morning. warmer and sunny monday and tuesday. that is going to be a nice break for us. take a look at satellite image, area of low pressure, cold front heading our way bringing us the rain this afternoon. now, it's not a huge rainmaker but i'll show you the timing. by lunchtime, along the northern coast and parts of the peninsula light returns in the east bay. then we'll see the heavier rain up to moderate rainfall during the afternoon hours. the rain will turn into showers and that will continue overnight into tomorrow morning. we'll see a leftover shower by sunday morning but then less cloud cover and breaks of sunshine for us. totals will be highest along the coast and peninsula up to eight tenths of an inch. east bay and south bay, two
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tenths to four-tenths of an inch. this does mean snow in the sierra but not until late tonight. today, it will be mostly cloudy with a high of 46. then look out for possible travel concerns tomorrow with a high of 30 degrees tomorrow. in the sierra and then monday should be okay. back home, highs will be in the 50s. 55 in san francisco and upper 70s. check out 57 in san jose as well as 56 in morgan hill. overnight lows also tomorrow not as cold. mainly in the 40s. may drop down to the upper 30s in santa rosa and fairfield. seven-day forecast, have those umbrellas handy because you will be using them in the afternoon. turn to showers in the morning. sunny monday and tuesday with a chance of showers wednesday through friday. >> katie: thanks so much. in sports, sad news, the coach that led cal to the last rose
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bowl appearance has died. pete elliott was 86 years old. de lasalle high school coach announced he is retiring. here a larry beil. >> good morning. safe to say there will be another coach like bob. he retired yesterday after 34 years as the helm. his legacy was amazing. 399 wins, a 151 game winning streak. spartans hadn't lost to a northern california opponent in 21 years. at 58, he handed over to the reins to his assistant. he will stay at de lasalle as a consultant. >> it's more important for me that the program remains strong. i was getting tired, too. i didn't think was fair to him to be basically doing most of
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the work and not be the head coach. >> the warriors play the clippers in los angeles but last night was the battle of l.a. lakers and clips, nothing but monster jams. chris paul with a steal. griffin had 24 points. kobe had a huge night, the steal and he is going right at paul. come get some, with authority! but the lakers couldn't stop paul down the stretch crossing over against kobe. 30 points, 13 assists. clips and two-game losing streak 107-102. >> johnny mansel in the cotton bowl and johnny mania is everywhere. mandel had is electrifying. he ran for 229 yards and two touchdowns. watch him do the tight rope act for the touchdown, 7-0 aggies. texas a&m would break it open.
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couple with a record 516 yards total offense and 4 tds and he is just a freshman. texas a&m wins the cotton bowl 41-13. >> cal opening up against utah. britney boyd, got it. she had 23. cal wins 55-50. the program's 600th win. >> nice bowl movement by the cardinals. penetration and with a layup. she had 13. stanford rolls 57-40 and cardinals are 12-1 overall. that is wrap on morning sports. i'm larry beil. >> katie: kobe bryant isn't a twitter hold out.
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she sent his first tweet yesterday. it read the anti-social has become social. he has more than 438,000 followers. he got into twitter when he briefly took over nike basketball's account. few days made him consider starting his own account. i can follow him at kobe bryant. >> state park money hid firemen the public for more than a decade. we learn if park officials broke the law. plus "abc 7 news" follows up on a man who has been busted for coning parking lot 1111111g
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>> katie: tonight president obama heads back to washington from his hawaiian holiday
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vacation. he says he is willing to consider more spending cuts and tax increases to reduce the federal deficit as he prepares to battle with congress over the national debt ceiling but he wants congress to raise the debt limit. lawmakers threatened inaction on that and credited rating was downgraded. >> as i said earlier this week, one thing i won't compromise is congress should pay for a tab they already racked up. if congress refuses to give the ability to pay bills on time, global economy could be catastrophic. last time they threatened this action our entire economy suffered for it. >> katie: the republican response by michigan congressman dave kemp, it's i'm to identify responsible ways to tackle
8:29 am
wasteful spending. white house officials say president obama is expected to nominate chuck hagel of nebraska to be defense secretary. >> the scandal over hidden cash has taken a new turn with release of a scathing report. it turns out the money was hidden for more than 12 years. capitol core dental nannette miranda explains. >> 70 state parks were scheduled to shut down last summer because of budget shortfalls but just as the closures were about to happen a surplus of $54 million was found hidden in two of the agency's funds. accounting errors were largely to blame, no one reported the extra money. a stinging report by the attorney general found $20 million of it partly corrected through entrance fees was
8:30 am
intentionally concealed. >> it sounds like a cover-up. >> by all accounts there was some covering up that was done. >> investigators found the failure to reported the surplus became conscious and deliberate possibly as early as 1999. accounting officers were all aware of the discrepancy and numerous individuals failed to take appropriate action. lower level employees followed orders from supervisors to keep quiet. states park director who resigned over the result of the scandal declined to participate in the interrogation with interviews with dozens of employees have led auditors to conclude that hireups were afraid their budget would be cut even more if the extra money were revealed and then were too embarrassed to disclose the problem. >> the level rises to a criminal level, we have to make that determination. >> all those involved left or retired from state government.
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it's interesting to note that those same people conducted a vacation buyout for dozens of park employees who got cash. >> we need the public trust. when a situation like this arises, it's very detrimental to the public's trust in a department we all love. >> in the end of the 70 state parks did stay open. lawmakers and policies were put in place so this kind of deception doesn't happen again. >> katie: federal investigators now confirm chevron's own firefighters may have contributed to the richmond refinery fire in august. according to a draft report firefighters were able to put out a flash fire caused by a small leak but then they may have accidentally punctured a main pipeline. investigators say the pipeline appears to have been punctured
8:32 am
from the outside and they are examining the firefighters tools to determine if one of them did it. the fire sent toxic black smoke throughout the area and thousands of people sought medical treatment. new this morning, a woman in the sierra foothills east of sacramento is desperately trying to save a deer that has become stuck in a barbed wire fence. she discovered it with its antlers caught on bashed wire. no agency has agreed to come. sheriff's deputies say they are not trained to an animal that large so the only thing they could do is put it down. >> we don't want the deer destroyed. he a beautiful trophy buck. i'm going to call him el dorado. >> the buck has a mate and they have produced several fawns over the years.
8:33 am
bay area native americans that belong to the cherokee nation can get a new photo i.d. card this morning. starting in october they begin issuing citizenship cards to the 315,000 members and today the mobile registration group is in oakland at the intertribal friendship house. they will issue photo i.d. cards from 10:00 to 5:00 today. california is home to nearly 20,000 cherokee citizens. >> he seems to be unstoppable. a serial con man that preys on drivers in san francisco. he is still on the streets and now america cup coming, the question is, how can a he be stopped? >> reporter: this is be the most
8:34 am
prolific petty theft criminal in san francisco. >> police have made contact with him more than 50 times. this is his rap sheet. it's 12 pages long. >> er time he is arrested he spends a short time in jail and then he is back on the streets. he goes to unattended parking lots along the embarcadero. he poses as an attendant and collects money from drivers, making things worse, the drivers often wind up with a ticket on their windshield from parking monitors who check. she he was caught on a security camera as parking attendants grashd him. again he was arrested but back to the streets just a few days later. >> this type of activity is criminal and needs to stop. >> supervisor a supervisor says he is worried that he and other
8:35 am
imposters will prey on the millions that will come to the city later this year for america's cup. >> we're talking to the city's attorney's office to figure out if there are ways we can improve on enforcement but increase penalties for this type of activity. >> they have prosecuted him aggressively but that reality is these are nonviolent misdemeanors and there is only so much they can do legally. the district attorney says parking lot operators should increase security. >> he needs to put a electronic gate where people come in and they have to pay. >> there are signs at the unattended lots warning drivers that more security would be ineffective. the president of priority parking that has 27 lots in the city says the d.a. is making it sound like a business issue.
8:36 am
when you look at the rap sheet is clearly a lack of effective prosecution. he was arrested again november 17th. chances are it won't be his last. >> katie: we have an update on breaking news aurora, colorado. a denver tv station is reporting that three people are dead inside the aurora townhome following a standoff with an armed man. police shot and killed the gunman. the incident had been going on since 2:00 this morning. they reported after hours of failed negotiations with the gunman, police stormed the house and shot him. the station says police confirm three others have been discovered dead in on the side of the home. we'll bring you more information on the incident as becomes available. >> coming up next, new messaging service from facebook that could some day allow to call your
8:37 am
friends for free forever. taking a live look at golden gate bridge, it is cloudy out there but still dry, 47 degrees. rain is on its way. frances dinglasan will
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>> katie: good morning, we're so glad you are with us this morning. we know you have your umbrellas handy the folk forecast is the rain is on its way. live doppler 7-hd. a little bit of blue and green off the coast up in the upper left hand corner. it is coming. you can track it wherever you are today, go to our website and track live doppler 7-hd. >> facebook is getting into the phone business. jonathan bloom explains, facebook has already become the
8:40 am
place to share your thoughts and photos but now add to that your voice. >> the app is called messenger. it never really did anything you could also do with a regular facebook app. >> i'm using the facebook app. instead of typing she is sending a message by recording her voice. press and hold and record and let go of the button. >> it's really easy to send a voicemail. >> a novelty some users they would have fun with. >> a little more personal touch to it. >> but even bigger news is a feature they are rolling out the next several weeks. free internet phone calls, sort of like skype. it's already available for users in canada. >> you can correct with any of your facebook friends.
8:41 am
here is way you can contact them easily. >> facebook were slow to warm up making phone calls through a social network. for some of them biggest concern was privacy. >> sometimes i'm not really haven't met so i wouldn't want to contacted them. >> how to control how people could control me. >> even those users saw the value in it. >> for international calls, i use skype a lot. >> replacing skype replaced chat rooms and in some cases e-mail. >> i think facebook is all about communication. we want to connect people, that is big thing for them. here is a way to connect people. they want people to use the app for everything. >> outside of the bay area, the clouds are thickening and storm
8:42 am
is coming, how bad is it going to be? >> not terribly bad but we have seen the clouds get thicker and thicker. rain is on its way. here is a live shot as we look over the gray skies and shark tank. i will have the details when you can expect the rain to hit your neighborhood and rain totals for the weekend. also ahead, bay area demonstrators join permanent lawmakers to give a
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>> katie: welcome back. you are looking live from the roof cam on coit tower, more of this gray stuff ahead of the rain. great tool to help you track it, tomorrow us on twitter.
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there you can get weather alerts to help you plan your day. controversial new movie is in theaters about the hunt for osama bin laden. the senate intelligence committee wants the answer of making the movie. protestors in the bay area are worried the film sends the wrong message. >> reporter: the movie is about the hunted for osama bin laden. >> it is obviously based on a through story but the narrative strongly suggests that c.i.a. water boarding of prisoners is what led to the killing of bin laden. outside the movie theater, members can't wait and they staged a protest trying to dissuade moviegoers to see the film. >> are we lost our moral compass? >> most of the people we talked
8:46 am
to had the same reaction. >> it's not a documentary. it's basically a work of fiction. >> and zero dark 30 is a movie but the c.i.a. did provide some assistance and now senators including dianne feinstein and john mccain are writing about questions what sort of information was obtained through water boarding or other, quote, enhanced interrogation technique zblsz you believe when watching this movie that water boarding and torture leads to information that leads them to the elimination of osama bin laden. that is not the case. >> in december, the acting c.i.a. director called the film a dramatization and he added the strong impression that enhanced interrogation techniques gives a false impression. some who saw the film told protestors they were wrong.
8:47 am
>> you are on the wrong side. >> linda was uncertain what she thought about water boarding. >> it's really hard to say. >> i'm asking you basically if you think it's a good thing or not good thing. >> i'm telling you, it's a hard thing to say. >> they say water boarding did happen in real life and she wanted to portray that in the movie. before the movie came out. c.i.a. told congress it did not provide key intelligence. new this morning, a music video featuring a bay area 11-year-old who survived a rare blood disorder is back on youtube after the website took it down for several hours yesterday. assistants it originally posted in october, the video shows reagan smith has racked up more than 2 million hits. youtube questions about the 2
8:48 am
million hits were authenticly generated. they told the media partner they did not use spam to bump up the view count. we have a bumped up weather forecast as far as what the rain coming our way. >> we are starting to pick up some radar returns and show you some more clouds. live shot looking down to san francisco. cool temperatures this morning but not as cold as its been. we'll take you to live doppler 7-hd and show you what is going on around the bay area. increasing clouds, light blues and some returns way off the coast right now. this is all part of a front that is moving towards the bay area. that is going to bring us some rain. temperatures right now, 47 in san francisco. still pretty cool in fairfield and livermore, only 34 degrees. we'll also find 39 degrees in
8:49 am
gilroy. we have the rain arriving this afternoon. to show you the latest forecast, showers sunday morning, it starts tonight and taper off late in the evening and continue tomorrow morning. then warmer and sun your monday and tuesday. here is pacific satellite image. we have a cold front heading our way bringing us the showers and rain this afternoon into this evening. this is how it all plays out in terms of the timing. if you have outdoor things planned today, you'll probable be okay by lunch time. that is when we expect the front to hit parts of the north bay. you will see the rain spread first and south. even 2:00, east bay cloudier conditions and rain all along the coast and spreads through until 3:00 or 4:00 as the front moves through the evening hours. 7:00 is when it starts to taper off into showers and continues
8:50 am
into tomorrow morning and even tomorrow, maybe a lingering leftover shower and then lunchtime tomorrow, sunnier conditions and pretty nice temperatures. we'll take a look at rainfall totals. they will be the highest on peninsula coast, up to .8 and .6 in east bay and south bay. >> highs today in the 50s. look for a high of 55 in san francisco. low to mid 50s for the rest of us including 55 in oakland, 57 in san jose. monterey bay, upper 50s. 58, hollister. >> overnight lows not as cold for tomorrow. cloud cover acting as insulation only get into the upper 30's in santa rosa and fairfield. other places will be in the 40s, napa, 40. richmond, 44. seven-day forecast, the rain,
8:51 am
get ready, have your umbrellas handy. the rain will stay through the afternoon hours into the early evening and then tapers off into showers through tomorrow morning. then drier by sunday afternoon. sunny in the afternoon and chance of showers wednesday through friday. >> can't heard to keep the umbrellas handy. >> straight ahead, a new san francisco celebrity. the rare river otter that is a splash hi
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> katie: here are the winning numbers from last night's mega million draw. mega number is 39. if you haven't had your flu shot yet, now is the time.
8:54 am
they predict california will see a surge of flu cases this month the result of holiday travelers coming back 'with the virus which is spreading fast in other parts of the country. medical editor dr. richard bes ser says california can't escape the earliest flu out break in a decade. >> could it be a newer strain that people in the community haven't seen. it could be that not enough people are vaccinated. one of the most interesting theories has to do with humidity. what some people are finding the lower the absolute humidity, the earlier fru season starts. >> he suggests getting your vaccine as soon as possible. >> new numbers show 2012 was the worst year in six decades for whooping cough in the u.s. they reported about 42,000 cases
8:55 am
cdc is still collecting data and it could increase to as many as 50,000 cases. the disease killed 18 people last year. it used to be a bigger problem until a vaccine became available in the 1940s. >> no more freebies when it comes to parking in san francisco. starting tomorrow, will you have to pay to park from noon until 6:00. city says it will raise revenue w-2 million in the next year. the city won't actually ticketing people until later this month. drivers will be issued warnings for the first three sundays. san francisco's rare river otter is turning into a big attraction. sutro sam has he been named has taken up residence near the old sutro baths. he is bringing in big crowds people bringing video recorders hoping to capture him.
8:56 am
sam has a twitter account and tweet out that reads, yes, i'm the cutest. don't ever forget that. sea otters have nothing to o me. sutro sam won't care about the rain but the rest of us humans we need to be ready. >> and it's heading our way, a lot of folks in the waters for the alcatraz swim. 11:00, it should be dry. but it is starting off cloudy and cool, temperatures in the 30s. mid 40s, this afternoon the rain coming to the bay area mainly after lunch. that is when we'll see heaviest rain up to 5:00 this evening. temperatures in the 50s then by tonight, temperatures drop below 50 but it will turn into showers do look for showers to continue through tomorrow morning and sunny conditions and drier and warmer monday and tuesday with another chance of rain wednesday through friday. >> thank y'all for joining us on
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown." today the monkeys are taking over the zoo-- that'd make me run if i saw that. the jungle, and every place else, including this show. >> you can't hang out here. >> how do i know they're monkeys and not apes? what was that? find out next. [shouts] >> [growls] >> you've got it, jack. >> plus, in this week's blooper, see why i wasn't tickled pink when i went shoe shopping in rwanda. i need some of these for swimming. you know, i sure felt like a monkey's uncle that time. so i fit right in with my simian friends on today's "wild countdown."


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